Lynn M. LoPucki


Levin, Mabie & Levin Professor of Law at the UF Law School

Senator Biden (the One Who is Now President) Attacks My Bankruptcy Venue Research


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Articles and Manuscripts

View a list of Lynn M. LoPucki’s writings with links to those available online. For a PDF version, download Lynn M. LoPucki’s CV.

Courting Failure: How Competition for Big Cases is Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts

2005, University of Michigan Press

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Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach

Co-authored with Elizabeth Warren, Robert M Lawless, Pamela Foohey

10th Edition, 2024, Aspen Publishing

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Strategies for Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Co-authored with Christopher R. Mirick and Christopher G.Bradley

7th Edition, 2021, Wolters Kluwer

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Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach

Co-authored with Elizabeth Warren, Daniel L. Keating,
Ronald J. Mann, Robert M. Lawless, Pamela Foohey

8th Edition, 2024, Aspen Publishing

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Business Associations 2024 Statutory Supplement

Available in mid-July 2024

Business Associations: A Systems Approach

Co-authored with Andrew Verstein

2nd Edition, 2024, Aspen Publishing

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Professional Fees in Corporate Bankruptcies: Data, Analysis, and Evaluation 

Co-author with Joseph W. Doherty

2011, Oxford University Press

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The Readable Delaware General Corporation Law: 2024-2025 with patented VisiLaw markings

Available in mid-July 2024